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Economy under the new normal household sells a hit from diversification

  Affected by upstream of the real estate market, home building materials market growth is slowing. However, under the condition of the survival pressure surge, furniture store did not stop the pace of expansion, instead of in a state of sharp "inflation". This kind of unrestrained expansion seem inappropriate to the development of the industry as a whole. Coupled with the rise of the Internet home platform, the new sales model impact and customized trend of the market to intercept and plunder, furniture store with attachment market channels by the impact of the diversified enterprise.
  One-stop service form customers intercept Internet home outfit
  In recent years, domestic outfit O2O platform system. Consumers can through the website, mobile phone APP online consulting, order, let the consumer services and experience more convenient, the deal closed loop. At present a lot of domestic outfit company and home keep in touch, can offer from the enterprise environment, which is more in line with the consumer demand. Also some open example room in community building decoration design company, and consumers intend to purchase of home products to the community communication, preempted the furniture store in the source market, led to household doors and Windows of stores there.
  Factory direct purchase new sales model grab market
  And rob traditional furniture store market share also has a variety of new sales model, this part in factory direct purchase, different industry alliance and represented warehourse store mode. Factory direct purchase, consumer can watch all the household production each link, to intuitive understanding of the selection of materials in the production of household, the choice of paint, at the same time because direct-to-consumer household cheaper in price. Different from stores and based on stores industry alliance, the essence of different industry alliance is to get through the whole industry chain, hard and soft outfit integrated marketing. Warehouse rejected the traditional mall store separation mode, to the warehouse to store, and shop for warehouse, reduces unnecessary stores rent, and can deal with the inventory at cheap price. So that new sales model constantly pounding traditional stores distribution model, which is one of the reasons causes a decline in the furniture store passenger flow.
  Custom household heat divided household market
  Most attached to traditional furniture store model of dealers, agents more than products to finished products and household is given priority to, right now, the custom furniture has gradually become the mainstay of home market, compressing the finished home sales market share. In the household market, more and more consumers tend to customize household. Compared to finished products, household custom home no inventory, can change strategy, according to the consumer home environment for the dealers, under the "zero inventory" ensures that there is plenty of cash flow, so hot, customized home gradually become the mainstream in home sales, and customized the rise of household tide without occupy mall stores, also further compressed the market share of traditional furniture store.
  Independent store model hollowed stores traffic further
  At present, domestic furniture store giant mode is given priority to with leasing, this mode risk passed on to the dealer, passed on to the seller‘s market, and this pattern furniture store is not active marketing ability and the ability to talk, perhaps only in the consumer nodes do activities to attract consumers. Now stores rent is rising, resulting in many household dealers from stores open independent shops also further hollow out the stores.
  For dealers attached furniture store, only sales in stores open stores in traditional mode can not meet the current development of enterprise, retail dealer shall use mall stores as the base, actively widen the passenger flow is king. Diversified channels while squeezing stores traffic space, but also is another kind of talk, dealer should not fear but seek cooperation.