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Lead to reflect on the LED lighting industry development

  Since Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb, the human is no longer lonely dark of night, but colorful, colorful. Light source is from incandescent lamp (thermal radiation) to the gas discharge lamp (fluorescent) to today‘s LED lighting; I think the first gas discharge lamp (fluorescent) birth never bring people like LED so ecstatic, our expectations of the LED is unprecedented, before that, when all lighting people on the outlook for product almost only two concept, is the life of the lamp and energy saving, high color rendering didn‘t taken seriously by ordinary people so far).
  But the LED was born...
  1, the lamp in the stopping of - behind The Times development thinking
  The LED is not only long life, energy saving.
  I have been in many years ago said that if the LED light source to replace the traditional, only don‘t reflect the value! But since 2005, most of our research and development personnel in the field of traditional lighting has been in the make an issue of "how to replace the older generation light source"; Remember the first time that 07 saw a "lights" corn samples, I am extremely offended; Did not think the filament lamp later was abruptly out, there are still a lot of people very superstitious this thing, I call it "lights" waiting to die!
  Admittedly due to people‘s habits and issues such as installation, LED the initial stage must be "alternative era", but instead should have, take a look at a few big brands of LED bulb light to see, are seeking breakthrough, even if it is a point on the shape change. Lighting is the most taboo "dazzle light", don‘t understand to enlarge the development purpose of dazzle light filament lamp is what? !
  Products abound, such a development thinking no originality, abruptly bring traditional the shell of lamps and lanterns, as long as the LED light source and driver in to light even a innovation! Also just, a person so do 50% of the r&d staff in doing so, and 30% r&d staff in the following.
  2, the lamp in the embarrassing way - and no standard of infinite possibility
  LED light source, the advent of its many advantages and is known to all purposes, such as: intelligent lighting, landscape display system (OLED will also impact the television industry) again in the future, no form of light and shape, all can meet the intelligence technology and so on, from the range of application in the field of lighting to relevant requirements to intelligent lighting is infinite possibility, omnipotent; The imagination is too big, so no one can instead in the infinite possibility of finding a possible; Currently, only conservative crawl in control field.
  3, the lights in the embarrassing way - "utility"
  People are studying item may be a lot of lighting, ignoring the lamp in addition to lighting and other USES. Actually the concept is not new in other industries, in this is differ a list. Just talk to us.
  Industry also has a electric fan droplight, the product is also recognized by consumers, just fan air conditioning can‘t be replaced. Multi-functional lighting in early European and American countries (especially in Europe) is widely used, is located in the guangdong huizhou prefecture in a hong kong-invested enterprises, the highest annual revenues of nearly 1 billion yuan, the company is specialized in the production of multi-functional lighting lamps and lanterns, such as "take infrared induction and can hang clothes closet light", "mist function of mirror lamp (not lens headlight)", "energy saving and eliminate dark area cabinet lights", "air conditioning tuyere with lighting combined with air purification lamp", "but the desk lamp of eyesight test children", etc. The other areas of an existing technology combine with lamp is probably a revolutionary product! R&d technicians, lamp might be able to do other things, you should study.
  4, lamp in stopping the end of the road
  So far, the LED in the field of intelligent, may call it "can be intelligent lighting", or "automated lighting", each one definition of a "smart" may differ, but in my eyes, the real "smart", there should be a data storage and memory function, on this basis, have the ability of learning and reasoning, but it need the Internet platform to support, and now the top is not fully ready, bottom could also can‘t move up, perhaps in the next five to 10 years to make great progress.
  Removal of uncontrolled environment factors, however, the current LED the embarrassing situation, personally think that more is trapped in the development of the products. In fact, the Chinese are the fastest to accept new things, not demand, but we don‘t really have new product development. Alternative product development cannot have archaeological thinking, intelligent lighting single point breakthrough or the introduction of interdisciplinary technology is the key, before the top is not ready, the multifunctional lighting lamps and lanterns is perhaps a good way!
  "Lights on the road, not the end of the road"! Of course, the above is my personal experience, and don‘t forget, all the experience summed up in the moment, is waiting to be overturned.