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Optical fiber laser cutting into the elevator market To promote the technological breakthroughs

  The elevator is keep up with the pace of The Times and technology products, is indispensable to modern society and daily life convenient tool, the elevator has become a symbol of the material civilization.
  In the development of real estate and urban public construction industry, China‘s elevator market keep 20% increasing speed every year, become the world‘s biggest new elevator market. In addition, with new type of optical fiber laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing industry expansion of optical fiber laser cutting technology to enter the elevator market, improve the automatic and intelligent level of the elevator industry, promote the processing technological breakthroughs.
  Traditional way of elevator processing and laser laser technology have why to distinguish? Optical fiber laser cutting and how outbreak elevator market?
  1, the traditional processing way
  Past basically adopts the multi-station press board processing machine factory, mainly including turning, milling, planing, drilling, grinding and other processing procedures, they mainly rely on external mechanical forces with more hard tools to accomplish excess metal layer stripping process. Complex process, the workpiece flexible type, consume a large amount of manpower and material resources and financial resources.
  2, CO2 laser processing way
  CO2 laser cutting machine is the domestic elevator industry started using laser processing equipment. Using the mechanical energy such as light, electricity, chemical to complete stripping process of material, can use the lower hardness of the material of high hardness materials processing. Compared with the traditional processing way laser machining is no contact, easy processing, security, environmental protection and other unique advantages.
  3, optical fiber laser cutting machine occupied the elevator market
  Elevator manufacturing basically is about 3 mm stainless steel primarily, using CO2 laser cutting machine processing and high power consumption, gas consumption is bigger. CO2 laser cutting machine because of its high cost and complex debugging shortcomings, has been to keep pace with the development of the elevator industry. New type of optical fiber laser cutting machine with speed, operating costs low, can cut copper, aluminium high reflective materials, and no significant advantages such as light path gradually in to replace the CO2 laser cutting machine, has become the first tool of elevator processing industry.
  : guangdong inscription as the pillar of the laser industry, to meet the market demand of sheet metal processing, but yue Ming, with its mature research and development of laser technology and experience, has developed more conform to the elevator processing of fiber laser cutting machine, such as the group‘s CMA2040C - GH - A large full protection of high-speed optical fiber laser cutting machine, can at the same time of fast cutting the sheet metal parts, to ensure that the off its functional features:
  1, high rigidity of heavy machine tool can reduce occurring in the process of high speed cutting sheet metal shock;
  2, the structure of the gantry double drive, Germany imported pinion and rack drive system, improve the production efficiency of sheet metal processing;
  3, high performance aluminum beams, through finite element analysis, realize high speed arc cutting;
  4, the whole closed loop laser cutting control system, with functions of high speed punch and automatic edge, ensure the accuracy of sheet metal cutting.
  Applicable materials:
  Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, brass, copper and other metal materials.
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