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Used construction machinery market urgently needs specification prospects

  Since this year, engineering machinery used auction is held in everywhere, trading volume. Second-hand engineering machinery products auction without exception has become one of the major marketing mode of the agent of choice. Second-hand excavators, second-hand loaders, and even used the auction boom pump truck started across the engineering machinery market. Why is it so popular when used auction? In the final analysis is the demand of the market, in the used under the big background, the rising ownership of the auction just adapt to the market demand of a product.
  According to the Chinese construction machinery industry association statistics, by the end of 2013, the main products of Chinese engineering machinery‘s is about 6.11 million ~ 6.62 million. Behind these figures is a vast used market. While second-hand sale volume rising, but because of the grip, today its development has always been disappointing.
  Poor circulation channels
  Second-hand engineering machinery sales generally divided into three kinds, the first by the dealer channel internal digestion, the second is through tianjin, shenzhen and other processing used distribution market, the third is with the aid of easy to extremely, Leon‘s brother and so on three sides the auction platform. Imperfection is second-hand equipment sales channels in one of the key issues of the orderly development of the industry. At present, domestic second-hand equipment volume is more than 80% in private transactions.
  Secretary general of the China construction machinery association Su Zimeng once said, "the second-hand equipment also only stay in the delivery of the goods to pay money, hand the shallow level, the lack of the corresponding contract constraint, equipment purchase luck is too large, user interests insecurity. Domestic second-hand engineering machinery market admittance threshold is low, there is no relevant legal norms into equipment, also does not have the authority to second-hand equipment appraisal institution equipment pricing, makes the equipment in the process of buying and selling long-term fraud. The problems always restricts the development of industry of our country used."
  It is understood that in accordance with the normal procedure in China, export on customs diameter is used to pass the method of inspection. In the inspection, if the device itself for the imported equipment you will need to provide import declaration to prove legal, inspection personnel at the same time also want to check the equipment nameplate model to verify the executioner. Can only prove its integrity, but technique can‘t prove its performance.
  Due to the large volume in private, technique can not flow to and quality of supervision and used well. This creates used and evil people mixed up market at present, the phenomenon of the good and bad are intermingled, also brings to the consumer to buy used the higher risk.
  At present, in Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries there is identity recognition systems of engineering machinery, whether new or used or manufacturing equipment, can be tracked through the identification system, at the same time for the machine itself, use fixed number of year, performance parameters, such as can also clear, make the whole construction machinery industry sales became more transparent.
  China construction machinery industry association QiJun once said, "we used market is concerned, with the increase of construction machinery on the market ownership, used in the market circulation will become a norm. Association began pushing identity recognition, and learn from Europe and the United States, the factory has a serial number identification, when the job is pushing to get the support of host plants, we are ready to begin with five products. Only by establishing identity recognition system, can accurately distinguish one device is used or new car."
  To promote energy conservation and environmental protection
  At present, the country has been actively promote green manufacturing, according to the principle of reduction, reuse, recycle, strive to reduce consumption of energy, resources, improve the utilization rate of resources, reduce waste water, waste gas and solid waste emission levels.
  The personage inside course of study says, energy conservation and environmental protection in China construction machinery industry will face important opportunities. Launched a series of new products in recent years, energy conservation and environmental protection has become the important direction of engineering machinery enterprise strategy. Both in terms of reducing environmental burden, or break the barrier of the foreign trade into consideration, such as the path of energy conservation and environmental protection will become the mainstream trends of engineering machinery.
  In addition to the new development of new technology on board, engineering machinery remanufacturing for energy conservation and environmental protection of will also become a major gripper. Because used can be said to be the remanufacturing industry of food, as the saying goes, one can now used domestic market ownership has more than 6 million units, are entering the market "after" period of rapid growth, for the remanufacturing industry provides ample "ingredients", so to speak.
  But because the circulation and trade, assessment, pricing, and many other factors is not standard, standard is not sound, the shortage of personnel engaged in the related evaluation problems, make the good and bad are intermingled of market of used phones. Especially the evaluation of relevant professional personnel in the transactions of second-hand construction machinery products in the process of evaluation, product evaluation, the trading agent, insurance claims, mortgages, auction, the lack of pawn, and other related links, has resulted in a selected in its used equipment is harder for remanufacturing.
  And solve the problem of good used market, good and evil people mixed up not only solved the second-hand market, disrupt the normal market situation, at the same time, it can effectively realize recycling the concept of environmental protection, it also can provide good raw materials to downstream remanufacturing industry support, and solve engineering machinery remanufacturing industry bricks without straw. Attaches great importance to the used market guidance and standards will be green construction machinery development of a key.
  QiJun has said that with the increase of ownership construction machinery market in China, the stock market for a rapidly increasing proportion, second-hand construction machinery market circulation is not standard, lack of assessment and pricing system, transaction taxes and fees and other relevant laws and regulations is not sound and imperfect service system construction and so on question increasingly highlighted. In light of the present condition of the used equipment market, in order to lead the healthy development of the industry, standardize market order, establish and improve the circulation of second-hand equipment specification, the association will intensify second-hand equipment management and standard work.
  It is understood that in the process of the development of overseas market after the second-hand equipment, new equipment accounted for 10% of the profit margins, second-hand equipment accounted for 15% of the profit margins, lease accounts for 25% of the profit margins, accessories accounted for 25% of the profit margins, maintenance services accounted for 59% of the profit margins.
  Construction machinery industry in our country is in the adjustment of the new normal, used the market also belongs to the stage of develop, how will now be as market into a delicious chicken ribs will depend on the industry practitioners, enterprise, government and other joint efforts.
  Tax policy adjustment
  Used as long as the trading on the market, is must pay tax, domestic trading such exports also is such. This it is that our country used to export the number of why there are few takers. It is understood that a new car can export refund 17% of the value-added tax, but has not used the export tax rebate. Throughout used circulation of developed countries, Europe, 10% of export tax rebates, Japan used to have 5% rebate, increased to 8%, according to the condition of equipment. If China can refer to other countries have a certain proportion of tax refund policy, will be used to export to bring huge role.
  Tax problems also indirectly push up the prices of used in China, especially the imported equipment, the price is higher, because the price includes the 8% import duty and 17% VAT, consider a quarter the price of an imported equipment is tax, this part when the device into the secondhand market cost must be passed on to the used consumers, if in the second-hand market is consumers to buy the equipment, he will pay 17% VAT, layers of tax down for consumers used construction machinery for a long time the cost of a new model to some extent is not how much more expensive than used, while the performance of the new more assured. This is a used in China to clinch a deal difficult problems in the country.
  Tax is charged according to the percentage of the price, in this case another problem appeared, and pricing is used. Now is not used for domestic institutions or organizations of the evaluated price. How to price, also become the key problems of the used phones on the market. Europe and the United States and other developed countries on the pricing is carried out in accordance with the depreciation rate for second-hand equipment pricing, in accordance with the unified standards have clear price, or for the future country used market adjustment of tax policy would be beneficial.