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Automotive electronic power semiconductor demand is strong

  Automotive electronic power semiconductor demand is strong
  From huahong hongli, infineon and stmicroelectronics disclosure, automotive electronic strong demand, especially the power semiconductors. We strongly recommend that focus on automotive field of power semiconductor devices, is different from seasonal stronger consumer electronics, we believe that the wave power semiconductor demand strong lasts a long time.
  For smart phone industry chain
  From China in high-end smartphones, share rose quickly, exceed market expectations. This has been reflected in mediatek and Ann by the second quarter report. With 3 quarter seasonal peak season coming, we think the android smart phone industry chain in the company performance will continue to be excellent.
  8 "traditional line product demand
  In the second quarter of the semiconductor industry chain inventory levels have returned to health level, demand in the currently have further stock to cope with the arrival of the peak season in the third quarter. In the third quarter to recommend focused on testing and manufacturing enterprises. 8 inch line on the other hand, traditional product demand, including power supply products, discrete device and fingerprint sensor, demand is bigger.