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Qualcomm is so strong But do you know why?

  If you carry in its flagship smartphone now Xiao dragon processor, presumably know behind the processor, provide strong technical support of Qualcomm, Qualcomm.
  Starting from 2 g, 3 g era, Qualcomm to provide in the field of wireless communication technology for recent years the development of 2 g / 3 g to 4 g has played a very key role. For chestnuts, changed the communication industry and users of CDMA technology, life long before he realized by Qualcomm MinYongHua.
  And smart phones has now become the people absolutely indispensable equipment, but the performance of the mobile phone is good, at present mainly depends on measured by various CeShiPao points software, including CPU, GPU, camera, screen and so on various parameters through the test result shows, as intuitive understanding. However, there are a very important index is often overlooked, that is the performance of the "mobile phone" cat modems. Mobile phone modulation Mediator although small, but it does affect the mobile phone with the connectivity of the outside world, such as using the phone signal is good, the Internet is quick, LTE, wi-fi connection, so it can be said to be influenced every aspect of our lives.
  Strong ability of connection
  Qualcomm deep ploughing in the field of communication for many years, introduced various advanced LTE modems, for smart phone connectivity brings higher standard, and constantly refresh rate of ascending and descending. Have to say that, at each time point, Qualcomm Xiao dragon modems are strongest when representatives of communication ability, and even keep ahead of competitors or the rhythm of the three generations of two generations.
  Review Qualcomm Xiao dragon LTE modem until today in development of the first generation of the evolution of the process, we can see that from 2010 the first generation of LTE multimode modems, Qualcomm has launched X5, X7, by 8 X10, X12 and X16 (levels up to 1 GBPS download speed, gigabit gigabit petascale!) Many LTE modems.
  Using modem X12 LTE Xiao dragon this year 820 chips listed after, not only for smartphones TDD has brought higher has speed, also brought TDD (hd calls, has carrier aggregation and 4 x4 MIMO advanced experience of connection. Not long ago appeared in front of the public music Max 2, millet 5, Nubia Z11 new flagship product, such as using Xiao dragon 820 more new features.