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The chip manufacturers to join VR dogfight Who will be the winner?

  The development of VR industry involves the chip, wearable devices, content of IP and optical devices, system integration, and other industrial ecological chain, can say this is the PC and mobile phone after another to drive the entire ecosystem forward into the concept of capital circle and electronics are in for...
  On May 18, Google I / 0 conference, Google released a virtual reality (VR) based on Android platform Daydream. This seems to fry the competitive domestic VR industry a shot in the arm, for a large number of mobile phone and tablet white brand company in shenzhen (ODM), solutions, high threshold has been held back for VR industry. Now the good news: Google support flattened the software and applications on the threshold of the largest, also let became truly worthy of the name of the first year of VR in 2016.
  Technology giants such as samsung, SONY, Facebook, HTC has launched its own virtual reality devices, according to rough statistics, as of December 2015 into virtual reality industry domestic companies to reach hundreds, not including some investors. Output devices accounted for 31%, the input device is 30%, the content producers accounted for 32%, 6% offline experiences the manufacturer. In regard to the development of content, the game development team 13%, panoramic video and film and television accounted for 33%.
  There is no denying the fact that the international giant, compared to domestic enterprises in the field of VR technology accumulation is still relatively weak, but they are good at learning, coupled with the keen market insight and the ability to respond to, are catching up. Globally, the international giant mainly focus on PC VR high-end market, domestic enterprises with a focus on the popularization of VR all-in-one niche market.